Proje ve Taahhütlerimiz

our services

-installing up to 154 kv high voltage overhead lines
Steel assemblies, wire and hardware installation, construction of base and sub-groups.

-up to 154 kv transformer assembly
Up to 100 mva transformers, electromechanical assembly, testing and commissioning works. We have oil filtering device.

-low voltage and medium voltage transformer lines and substations boots
Transformer kiosks, celi and cutting systems and control systems, cabling and installation.

-active lightning systems installation and earthing system

-high voltage up to 380 kv or – medium voltage underground cables to install
Up to 380 kv, underground cable ‘s addition , head and installation works is being done by
Certified montors.

-on and off switchgear assembly up to 154 kv
Switchyard of the primary installation, steel erection and commissioning work.

-industrial electricity and energy installation

-tunnel works of electrical and lighting

-cable channels – installation cable ladder

-high voltage and medium voltage cable trans plant

-industrial faclities construction and installation of steel works

-marble special products industry equipment and auxiliary equipment, facilities

– oven for transformers and energy sector, testing laboratory and special machine design and production

-special machine and tool design and manufacturing

-steel panels and box design and manufacture